About Ghalsasi

excellence in the smelting industry

About Ghalsasi

Founded in 1986, GHALSASI is managed by a group of experts from India, South Africa and Europe, with vast experience in smelting technology and equipment for various ferroalloys. GHALSASI family works together with the passion to provide value to the ferro alloy projects and create class leading products which are built to last.

GHALSASI strives to reduce equipment downtime and improve the operational efficiency for electric submerged arc furnaces. We are passionate about building best in class furnace equipment which can provide the desired value for all our customers who are investing or have already invested in new or old ferro alloy plants.

With strong customer centric approach, GHALSASI Smelting is now a leading technology provider of electric submerged arc smelting furnaces for the production of ferro- alloys, base metals, slag cleaning and alloy refining industry.

GHALSASI manufactures its trademark and patented electrode holder equipment for furnaces and also provides comprehensive in house services for design, engineering, installation, testing and commissioning of new ferro alloy furnace plants and furnace re-builds and up-gradation.

To be globally recognized as experts offering superior quality arc furnaces and related smelting technology to the ferro-alloy industry.

To scale the heights of excellence and provide best-of-breed business solutions for Ore Beneficiation and smelting technology, while exceeding our customers’ expectations and becoming an integrated and cohesive entity.

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