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Key furnace equipment

GHALSASI’s mission is to provide customized solutions and provide value for investment. With this passion, we have worked to establish class leading furnace equipment which has laid the path of creating industry benchmarks.

Electrode column

GHALSASI combines technology and domain knowledge to give its customers cost-effective and time-to-market services. Building innovative products which are designed to be robust and fit for porpose, while enhancing their safety and performance is GHALSASI’s mission. One such product is our proprietary electrode column equipment.

One such product is our proprietary electrode column equipment.

Upper Electrode equipment

Patented Electrode Slipping Device

Patented GHALSASI slipping system has been designed to provide reliable and consistent slips with fail safe security through direct mechanical spring clamping of the shoes. The design is modular, reducing the required spares inventory.

The slipping system features a dual operation hydraulic cylinder that combines the de-clamping and slipping functions into one cylinder, further reducing spares holding.

The Slipping system has been designed to have the lowest possible headroom, allowing reduction of the required height between floors, decreasing building cost.

The design delivers a reliable, robust and maintenance free electrode slipping system, contributing to optimal electrode control.

Prominent features

  • Compact design which reduces the height of the furnace building
  • Modular design provides easy maintenance and minimum spares
  • Design provides optimal clamping pressure distribution and also compensates for some casing diameter variations or misalignment
  • Reliable, fail safe slipping without any requirement of routine maintenance
  • Full support of back slipping
  • Dual operation hydraulic cylinder that combines the de-clamping and slipping functions into one cylinder

Lower electrode equipment

GHALSASI lower electrode system has been designed to improve availability by designing robust equipment engineered for its purpose.

The lower electrode equipment provides a protected environment for critical components like the contact shoes, pressure bellows and locking mechanism, contributing to optimal paste baking and power use.

GHALSASI’s Lower Electrode Column integrates highly functional design features with robust & durable materials that will cut maintenance, simplify repairs, conserve energy, reduce the requirement of expensive spares and minimize shut downs relating to the lower electrode column equipment.


  • Copper components are manufactured from wrought high purity, high conductivity copper and are forged to their final shape.
  • Reliable and easy mechanism for locking and dismantling of pressure ring segments.
  • Assembly provides a protected environment for critical components by covering the contact shoes also protecting the pressure bellows and cooling water pipes.
  • Stainless steel Pressure bellows form a separate unit, independent from the pressure ring.
  • Pressure bellows provides self-adjusting clamping force to the contact shoes.
  • The design delivers robust and trouble free operation resulting in maximum furnace availability.

Electrode Seal


  • The base is water cooled for efficient heat transfer in the hot zone.
  • The Seal is floating rather than fixed as this helps prevent damage to the seal while the electrode moves.
  • The seal features a combined soft seal that forms a physical seal against the heat shield with specially designed air jets that pressurise the seal to provide a reliable, robust sealing solution.

Secondary circuit connection

To ensure accuracy and save installation time, GHALSASI engineer the entire secondary current circuit in order to fabricate and assemble the system in our workshop.

The circuit is typically arranged to compensate the two phases per bundle, minimizing the inductive losses associated with high current conductors.

Configuration with three phase transformer (single transformer) design

Furnace operation software

GHALSASI furnace controller (resistance and current control)


In the Automatic Resistance Control mode, the control system regulates the resistance in the secondary circuit. The control system measures secondary voltages, secondary currents, and power.

Stable and balanced control of load, in turn improves furnace performance in terms of power factor and specific energy consumption.

GHALSASI strives to reduce equipment downtime and improve the operational efficiency for electric submerged arc furnaces.

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